To The Daily Sun,

Young people in New Hampshire looking forward to becoming pregnant and have children in the future should be deeply concerned by the current budget’s ban on abortion later in pregnancy. This ban poses a real threat to people who hope to become pregnant across the state. It takes away the rights to make the best decision for families in truly difficult situations. In order to protect the health and wellbeing of New Hampshire, this budget needs to be opposed.

The lack of exceptions to this ban is horrifying. The language in the budget bans abortion at 24 weeks with virtually no exceptions for the health of the fetus. Under this ban, a pregnant person would be forced to carry a fetus that they know has no chance of surviving. The thought being put into this painful, traumatizing situation is terrifying.

Pregnant people should feel confident that all important medical decisions will be guided entirely by their health and the health of their pregnancy, led by close family with help from caring medical professionals. These decisions should not be determined by a lawmaker’s political ideology.

Gov. Chris Sununu should veto this budget. The language of this ban fails to protect real Granite State families faced with extremely difficult decisions. Families in these situations deserve love and support, not judgment or cruel, politically-motivated health-care restrictions. This ban has no place in the state budget or in the state of New Hampshire.

Madeleine Kolaja


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Jesus 2025

Abortion fails to allow families period.


the amount of bloodlust you have at the thought of people not routinely murdering their offspring is quite astounding.


More children were terminated in the U.S. last year than all U.S. Covid deaths..... by far.... please don't fall for the rhetoric and hyperbole. They say "families" but this isn't about "families".... they chirp about "my body" and the next OPINION piece they write will tell you how selfish you are for not getting "vaccinated". Termination after carrying for 6+ months is not "humane"..... for the child or the "birthing person" (smfh)

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