To the Editor:

I just read Robert Azzi's column, a divisive doctrine of critical race theory, which is a distraction from what is important and a destructive tool it is at that. At a time when our nation is on the precipice of judgment, annihilation at the hand of our God whom we have forsaken, Azzi wants us to think that God's issue with us is racism. Man, God doesn't care what the color of your skin is, what race you are, or your gender for that matter. We all have different backgrounds, different things we've been through. Life is not fair. But God is righteous and just. The difference between the races is minuscule. The way to get along with people is to find commonality, not to magnify our differences and to stoke the flames of past injustices.

I'm 70 years old. When I was in the Army I bonded with our Korean cooks and our Korean guard during all-night poker games on High Point Communication Site in Korea. Some of my best friends in the Army were of Mexican descent. Most of my platoon sergeants were Black men. They took care of us like loving fathers. I've picked oranges and grapefruits with a crew of Black and Hispanic men. I've formed friendships with people of many races in seven different countries. One of my best friends in the whole world is a black man from Ghana West Africa. Another one of my best friends who has now passed away was a man who struggled with homosexuality. The head pastor at my church is a woman, an anomaly in the Christian Church, but when God anoints a woman we need to acknowledge it. I could go on but I won't. Relationships are the things that matter. Someone teaching that white men are oppressors doesn't help. "Hey Bob, here's John he's your oppressor." Like that helps. And it's not true, but that's what they're fostering and I don't want it and neither should you.

John Demakowski


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Sorry John. You may have friends of color but that does not mean systemic racism does not exist.

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