To The Daily Sun,

Several weeks ago, a writer to The Sun asked: “why is Rudy Guliiani being investigated?” Obviously, the gentleman was not asking an honest question but instead a rhetorical one in defense of Mr. Guiliani and other Donald Trump co-conspirators.

That writer and other writers have said that such investigations are political when they are very proper criminal investigations. That is an outrageous accusation when our current justice department, unlike former President Trump’s justice department, is acting independently and doing its job as it should be done.

Still, I will answer his question as an honest question even though there is little doubt to the reasons that Mr. Guiliani, other associates of Mr. Trump, and even the entire Trump organization is under investigation by state ities, federal ities, or both. The reason is because in all these cases, there is enough evidence to convince prosecutors that a crime or multiple crimes have been committed. The reason is as simple as that!

Of course, anyone investigated and indicted should be afforded the same due process as any American. They should have a fair trial by jury, be represented by counsel, and be confronted with the evidence. Their counsel, in return, should be able to question the evidence or otherwise present a defense.

Moreover, the jury will be duty-bound to be convinced of any defendant’s guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt,” a rather high bar. That is how our criminal justice system works. The wealthy and the politicians should be subject to that system no less than any other American citizen who is accused of a crime.

In addition to the criminal investigations, there should be an honest, complete, open, and bipartisan Congressional investigation into questionable actions by the Trump administration and its supporters. A priority for Congress is to complete a thorough investigation into the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol. Democrats want such a fair and bipartisan investigation into not only what happened but to find out who is ultimately responsible for this internal attack on our republic.

Unfortunately, it is Republicans in the Senate who are blocking such an investigation. What are these Senators trying to cover up? The truth?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi could form a committee in the House to investigate the matter, but I have no doubt Trump supporters and enablers will cry “partisan witch hunt!” As if the Benghazi investigation was not a witch hunt!

I tend to agree with a writer who wrote a letter to The Sun a few years ago, I believe during Mr. Trump’s first impeachment. I am paraphrasing this writer but “is it really a witch hunt when you discover hard evidence that wicked witches really do exist?”

E. Scott Cracraft


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People like this are proof that the education system is broken. Not only that, it's clear that some people are just so inhumanely immoral that they are completely fine with propagandizing their beliefs onto others with a malformed education.

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