To The Daily Sun,

In response to Bruce Jenket’s “Mainstream media covering up the truth about Jan. 6” letter.

Throughout his letter, the conclusions that Jenket draws are riddled with flaws, aimed to spin the events in a different light that he, if the shoe was on a different foot, would scream foul about. He feels he has found a Black Lives Matter member who participated in this non-insurrection. Well, that settles things now, doesn’t it? Jenket has uncovered the truth: it really was something other than what we all saw. Most of us don’t need to listen to or watch the media’s spin on the event – left or right, because it is quite clear as to what happened. We can argue about whether the events and actions of Jan. 6 rise to the level of insurrection or not, but Jenket appears to agree with Andrew Clyde’s words (a Republican from Georgia) when he compared the day’s events and participants to a “normal day with tourists.” Yes indeed! Everyone came for a nice barbecue but decided to scale walls, beat law enforcement personnel, break windows, destroy and loot property along with other tourist-centric actions. It was really no different than a normal gathering of tourists and isolated BLM activists? 

So let’s wrap this up with a point and answer to his final question of “will we ever know what truly happened on Jan. 6 inside the Capitol? I doubt it.” Well, why doesn't he ask his Republican brethren, wrapped in contradiction, as to why they don’t want an inquiry into the events of Jan. 6. It is they who stand in the way of determining the truth about that day.

Oh, and by the way, the mainstream media, Federal Bureau of Investigations and Department of Justice do not “sensor.” They censor.

Douglas Baker


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imagine what they'll expect when there's really an insurrection.

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