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If there is anything that this recent heatwave in New Hampshire has shown us, it’s that climate change is here and it’s happening now.

Fortunately, President Biden is on the case. His administration has released a detailed plan to address the effects of climate change, setting goals of a carbon pollution-free energy sector by 2035 and net-zero emissions nationwide by 2050. His American Jobs Plan also allocates $100 billion for green infrastructure development and upgrades to our national energy grid. In New Hampshire, we could put some of this money to great use. Our state has long relied on fossil fuels for heating, and our energy costs are some of the highest in the nation.

However, by obtaining energy from clean sources like hydro, wind, and solar power, clean energy projects provide power that rivals fossil fuels without the same environmental impact. They also create hundreds and thousands of jobs across many different, allowing New Hampshire residents of all backgrounds to potentially find work at these facilities. Transitioning away from oil and gas will not only be key to meeting the climate goals outlined by the Biden administration, but also lowering costs for consumers and diversifying our state’s energy portfolio. Embracing clean energy offers us the chance to do just that, as it would add clean resources to our grid and better protect our environment — all of which is critical if we are to meet the climate milestones envisioned by the White House.

Dan Hachey


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notice there's no doubling down on the fact that this writer forgets we get our energy from Nuclear sources too. . . that which should be the thing doubled down on, not more climate hysterics..

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