To The Daily Sun,

True to form, our four New Hampshire congressional representatives support and will vote for the “For The People Act” – which should actually be called the “For The Democrats” act. Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan actually did just that this week (although the vote failed). This disastrous piece of legislation unconstitutionally puts the federal government in charge of our future elections. If you’re happy about this, you shouldn’t be. What will it mean? For starters, rampant cheating, due to no photo-identification requirements. People could vote as non-citizens, or vote in multiple locations multiple times. Then there’s mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting, all of which have no mechanism to verify the legality of those votes. It also ends “Election Day” as we know it. Now it’ll be election week, month, or whatever. If you think this is wrong, you can remove three of our four representatives (Hassan, Chris Pappas, and Annie Kuster) next year. In the meantime, if you still want your vote to mean something, I suggest you contact them and express your opposition to their support for this proposed legislation. Remember, these four, (including Jeanne Shaheen), and their Democrat colleagues are the reason we have uncontrolled illegal immigration, uncontrolled spending, and soon-to-be huge inflation — you’ll see $5/gallon gasoline at some point. Don’t be fooled, Democrats alone are responsible for this mess. Them, not Donald Trump. If you’re unhappy with what’s happening now, you can vote these people out next year. If you don’t, you have only yourselves to blame. The choice is yours.

Chuck McGee


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to not have a specific voting ID is almost ludicrous in today's day in age.

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