To The Daily Sun,

Recently, Ben Shapiro penned an editorial, published in The Daily Sun ( a/k/a Pravda on Winnipesaukee). I completely agreed with his main point that the greatest and most generous civilization in world history is in danger of committing political suicide and destroying the future of our grandchildren.

Unfortunately, Ben committed a major pronominal faux pas when he misused the possessive adjective “our.” Ben mistakenly attributed the chaotic leftist propaganda of equating courage with the corrupt, ridiculously insane concept of authenticity as a change of our definition of courage. This egregious mistake would have earned him a B- or C+ in my college English class and a D in my high school American history class.

Our definition of courage is defined by the 75+ million deplorables who voted for President Trump and understand the extraordinary sacrifice that the “Greatest Generation” made not only at Normandy, but for years in saving the world from Nazism. Those 75+ million deplorable voters also understand the courage that will be needed to stand up to the domestic revival of communism known as CRT and Wokeism, the CCP virus and foreign policy appeasement.

Ben needs to get with the program. The Pravda press, Demolitioncrats, Hollywood and the entire educational establishment are on the run. President Trump and his deplorables are on the march and will not be denied saving the republic for our grandchildren.

Charles H. Bradley III


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Your ultimate definition of courage is people voting for someone who was arguably the worst potus in American history... Someone who didn't actually serve in the military himself because "bone spurs"? Personally, I don't see how that's courageous. Maybe, in the sense that you're sticking to what you believe.... but, so did everyone else. So.....?

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