In a letter published in the June 22 edition of The Laconia Daily Sun, Mr. Bruce Jenket says, "Will we ever know what truly happened on Jan. 6 inside the Capitol? I doubt it. The Democrats, FBI, DOJ, and MSM are doing everything possible to obscure the truth."

I believe the U.S. Senate voted to form a commission to look into the events of Jan. 6. I also believe that most Republican senators voted not to form that commission. My question is this: shouldn't Mr. Jenket have included the Republicans in that list of people who are trying to do everything possible to obscure the truth?

Brian McLaughlin


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Chico: I think it is pretty clear too.


It should be pretty clear by now that after reading a number of Bruce Junket's diatribes of lies, that he doesn't know what he is talking about on any subject, he is what could be termed as a lost cause.

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