To The Daily Sun,

Democrats are the party of trash, lies and deceit. Look into Jan. 6, with the media’s selection of snippets. Lies about Russian interference were fed and believed by liberals for years even though they turned out all unfounded and bogus. How about looking into the lab in Wuhan, China that gave the world COVID and then we listened to liberal scientists, aka Dr. Anthony Fauci et al and liberal media and it practically destroyed the U.S. for well over a year? COVID’s origin is important. China should be held accountable, but under the current administration they’ll get a fat pass instead. It’s been obvious since last June those with respiratory issues and the elderly are most susceptible, yet states with democratic governors still remain under lockdown. Simple fact: the majority of those who get COVID survive. Jen Psaki, President Joe Biden’s spokesperson, said the defunding police movement was done by Republicans. How can this utter lie possibly be believed? Black Lives Matter and Antifa started it over the death of George Floyd. They are leftist lunatic groups who believe America is systemically racist. We had a Black president less than five years ago. There was a “coming out" event/party in New York City that left trash all over the ground and even in waterfalls. No Donald Trump rally was left even close to this mess — including Ohio’s a few days ago. And there are thousands more people every time — who actually help city officials clean up — if they even considered leaving one. Littering is another form of leftist hatred of America. There was no such thing as transgender sports participation until this year. That is pathetic that men who identify as women can participate in women’s sports and win the event. The hammer thrower who won for the U.S. and turned away from our flag and national anthem, go compete for some other country — we don’t need your disgusting display witnessed by anyone, especially proud Americans. Critical race theory was never taught in schools for over 244 years and now liberals are pushing it down young students' throats and our military to provoke hatred and evil. Jan. 6, was one isolated event, can’t honestly be compared to the arson, theft, killings, city of Seattle being taken over — where the liberal mayor “had no idea” it had occurred, that happened for six long months last year. July 4 is America’s birthday celebrating our freedom which allows us to chose how we want to live without the government, that for the most part is corrupt. The swamp creatures need to leave, but they won’t voluntarily, the money’s way too good. Yet President Biden will not allow the fireworks celebration in South Dakota to occur. Liberals hatred of America is sad. There is no logical reason for not letting the tradition continue that was done last year and there were no COVID “outbreaks.” But facts and truth mean nothing to the left.

Alison James


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After reading this diatribe of bizarre rantings, it seems like you are the only person that is spewing out HATE!

You need to go back on your medication or stop watching Fox Faux News, it's crazy people like you that think attacking our Capital Building and ransacking it was just another tourist day in Washington, sick!


When someone thinks only democrats litter.... it's obvious they're not a fan of logical thinking! Having a conversation with someone who's this delusional is really like playing chess with a pigeon!

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