Meredith Village Savings Bank

Jami Bourdeau (left) and Robyn Masteller of Meredith Village Savings Bank with Michael Culver (right) at the Wright Museum of WWII. (Courtesy photo)

WOLFEBORO — Made possible by Meredith Village Savings Bank, NH history teachers will have the opportunity to visit the Wright Museum in Wolfeboro at no charge on the following Sundays — Aug. 8, Sept. 19 and Oct. 17.

“This is a wonderful chance for us to honor the contributions of our state’s history teachers,” said Mike Culver, executive director of the Wright.

Teachers may also bring one guest at no additional charge.

“There is plenty to see and do here in Wolfeboro,” added Culver. “We hope teachers take advantage of this opportunity.”

Robyn Masteller, MVSB regional vice president, branch & business development manager, said Wright Museum’s initiative “to give back to teachers within our communities directly aligns with several of our core values.”

“History teachers and the Wright Museum seem to be a perfect fit, and it offered us a unique opportunity to support the teachers who do so much for our children each day,” she explained.

Teachers are requested to bring some sort of identification that identifies them as teachers.

For more information about the museum or special events, visit

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One of the worst banks in the state is at it again of boasting of their generosity. . . at the expense of others: They and their sister bank of "Merrimack County Savings Bank," both also boast of being a MUTUAL "Savings" Bank of owned by the Depositors, but just TRY to get to a Board of Directors or Annual Meeting to talk about interest rates. THEY will tell you to: Get Lost, Take a hike, Go Fly a Kite! Their FALSE ADVERTISING is that they are a "Savings" bank, but that in actually a losing bank, since they pay interest on accounts at LESS than the rate of inflation!

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